Mountain Family Center

(Formerly known as
Grand County Resource Center)

Mission: The Mountain Family Center is a community based non-profit organization working towards improving the quality of life for individuals & families residing in Grand County. We believe that all people should have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential through self direction.


Mountain Family Center provides a wide variety of services to Grand County residents. They include 1. Foodbank, 2. Homeless,Prevention (Rent Assistance), 3. Holiday Project, 4. Personal & career case management, 5. Work Resource, 6. Intake evaluation and referrals to outside programs. A high percentage of our clients are in need of more than one intervention. Our goal is to address the needs across all life domains with our clients in order to provide a comprehensive service.
About our clients
The Mountain Family Center serves residents in Grand County in crisis, transition, or those wanting to make changes in their lives. The Center continues to evolve the meet the ever changing needs of the community. Our focus is on strengthening families and community connections. Our door are open to anyone in need of our support services regardless of sex, race, religion or ethnic background.

Samaritan Account Program

The Center participates in the Samaritan account program over seen by the Grand County Churches. Service agencies and Churches work together to provide emergency food, shelter and other assistance to persons in need. Funds are solicited through churches and by means of fundraising activities.

Emergency Foodbank

Of the services the Center provides, our foodbank is our most widely used resource.In 1997 we provided food to 206 adults and 257 children. We were able to keep our shelves well stocked in 1997 through funding from Social Services (a Community Service Block Grant), as well as from donations and food collection bins at local markets. The combination of these sources enabled us to meet our clients needs in 1997, and get 1998 off to a good start.

Homeless Prevention Program

This program helps individuals & families who have suffered temporary financial hardship maintain their living situation in the county. Those who qualify can receive up to one month rent or utility payment support. We also provide landlord mediation services & affordable housing referrals when available.

Holiday Project

Our holiday project marches families needing help to provide holiday food & gifts for their families with sponsors in the community able to assist in meeting such needs. In 1997 our sponsors wrapped & delivered gifts and food for over 50 families for Christmas. We also provide thanksgiving food baskets with the help of generous sponsors from the community.

Case Management

When a client makes contact with the center staff intake process begins. We have a formal intake form which provides staff with specific client information. We also ask several questions during conversation with clients to assess client needs in several areas. It is our goal to address needs in all major life domains (family, financial, housing, therapeutic etc.). We assist our clients in focusing on how actions in one life area can be affect another. Case management is designed to support individuals in their effort to reach self sufficiency.

New in 1998

Youth Funds Program: We have started an account to fund recreational & educational activities for Grand County Youth in need or financial assistance. We believe all our children should have the opportunity to explore healthy activities that will provide positive experiences. We have formed a committee to set up program guidelines & review applications. We will also be securing additional ongoing funding for the program.

Woman Reaching Up: The Anschutz Family Foundation provided the Center with a grand to explore ways of improving the quality of life for some women in Grand County. The target population for this program will be women wanting to enter the work force and those working at entry level jobs. Our goal is to aide these women in achieving their goals in the areas of education & career. The program will be open to men & women in Grand County. We are presently organizing a fundraiser breakfast to raise money to pay for educational & various training activities for program participants.


Kids needing support to get

Do you know a child not participating in organized community activities?? The Mountain Family Center has started a program to provide assistance to kids across Grand County in getting involved in recreational or educational activities.

Assistance with following available:

Finding Appropriate Activities

Funding For Activities


If your child, or someone you know of needs help to get involved, please give us a call for more information.

Program for school aged children