You own only three spices - salt, pepper and ketchup

You design your Halloween costumes to fit over a snowsuit

You have more miles on your snow blower than on your car

10 of your favorite recipes are for ELK

Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow

You think everyone from the city has an accent

Your definition of sexy lingerie is tube socks and a flannel nightie with 8 buttons instead of 3

You owe more money on your snowmobile than on your car

You call AAA when your snow blower gets stuck on the roof

You think the first day of hunting season is a national holiday

Winning the lottery means you get to hunt elk

Summer takes place the second week of July

You know which leaves make good toilet paper

You find -20 F a little chilly

The trunk of your car doubles as a deep freeze

You attended a formal event in your best clothes, finest jewelry and your Cabella boots

Shoveling the driveway constitutes a great upper body workout

You know the 4 seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Bad Snowmobiling

You actually "get" these jokes, and forward them to all your Grand Lake friends.

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